Glemad Drive – Cloud Storage

Simplified File Management, Where Teamwork Gets a Digital High-Five!

With its user-friendly cloud storage interface, navigating through folders and locating files becomes a breeze, eliminating the frustration associated with traditional file systems.


Revolutionize your team's collaboration game by providing them with a safe haven for their creativity.

Lock and Load Security

Keep your files safer than a vault guarded by dragons with encryption at rest (256-bit AES) and SSL/TLS encryption. It’s like wrapping your data in a digital fortress, only cooler.

Share the Love (and Files!)

Share files with up to 5 buddies faster than you can say “pass the digital hot potato.” Plus, enjoy the thrill of external file sharing with the power to set link expiration and password-protected links. It’s like a secret handshake for your data!

Productivity on the Go-Go

Stay connected wherever life takes you with mobile access and desktop sync. No more “Sorry, I can’t, I’m not at my desk” excuses. Glemad Drive brings your files to you faster than you can say “Where did I leave that spreadsheet?”

Fort Knox Security

Protect your digital kingdom with two-factor authentication. Because let’s face it, you deserve better security than your mom’s secret meatloaf recipe.

Customer Support Superheroes

Need help? Our support team is here to save the day faster than a pizza delivery on game night. With Glemad Drive, you’re never alone in the digital wilderness.

Boss-Level Management

Take charge of your digital empire with easy-peasy user management tools. It’s like being the captain of a digital pirate ship, only without the eyepatch and peg leg.

Glemad Drive - Cloud Storage

Always available

Stay connected with all your information. Work from wherever you are with Glemad Drive cloud storage and files management

Cloud Storage

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Glemad Drive is GDPR and HIPAA-compliant and meets industry-specific compliance standards

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